Saturday, 20 December 2008

The view from the balcony at about 8.45 tonight. Nice, eh? I'm using Bill's camera, but just as a point and shoot, so these don't look as good as the real thing - the light is incredible at sunset. Absolutely golden. Wish I could capture it better.

Here is someone looking rather wistfully out...

As soon as we can get a catflap fitted she can go out, but I don't want her out when she can't get back in on her own. There are a lot of stray dogs (strays, not feral*) and they get into our garden. I want her to be able to run for the catflap and get in. Not have to rely on one of us noticing that she's needing in.

*They all seem to be first generation strays, almost all of them are an identifiable breed, I think that if they were truly feral, they'd be breeding, and wouldn't all be recognisably beagle, or german shepherd, or husky, etc.

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