Sunday, 11 January 2009

You know what's different about driving here?

They don't hold a grudge.

The thing about the driving here - it's not that bad. Or maybe it is, but I more or less learned to drive in Washington DC, which supposedly had the third worst traffic in the US, so maybe 20 year old experiences are coming to the fore. They even use their indicators (just not in the direction they are intending to go).

So. They like their horns here. If it takes you a split second to move off from a red light, they honk. But you know how when you *know* you've done something stupid (like when I wrong laned myself at two consecutive intersections on the way home the other day), and you get honked at? At home, you get honked at, your adrenalin goes through the roof, the other driver's does too, so when you catch up with them at the next light, they are practically climbing out their window and at the very least gesturing in extremely angry tones.

Here? No matter how many times they have leaned on their horn or for how long, by the time you catch them up, they are just going about their merry way. But I'm not. They have totally forgotten it happened. But I haven't. My blood pressure is still through the roof, and I'm expecting some serious road rage on their part. And it's not there.

It's really rather deflating, if the truth be told.

What makes my gringa-ness so obvious?

I think I've figured it out. Well, besides my floundering spanish and trying to communicate by hand-gestures, that is?

I take off my sunglasses when I go indoors.

Saturday, 10 January 2009


We went to an animal shelter today, and have agreed to adopt two kittens! Yay! Kittenz!!

We are going to bring them home on Wednesday. Which just happens to be Thomas's birthday.

The kittens are probably litter mates, but they are rescue cats, so we can't be sure. They are about 8 weeks old, one male tabby, one female black.

Yay! Kittens!

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Merry Christmas , we got the car and happy new year!! By thomas.

hi guys,

well i sure hope you had fun tracking st. Nick!The only areas i did not see were from North America to Hawaii.

and we also got the new car on the 24th of December, like an early Christmas present.

Happy New Year! We didn't hear the fireworks, becasue we didn't get to stay up until midnight. But we stayed up until your midnight, which wasn't very fair becasue it was only 9 o'clock over here.

The car's really really cool because I can have the fan in my seat, and my brother's or my mum's and my dad's, and we can plug in the ipod as well.

It's only 14 days until my birthday! My Oma and Grandad are coming over the day before my birthday.

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