Saturday, 21 March 2009

Dia de la Familia

Today ESO held their annual Dia de la Familia. It's basically a big picnic/barbecue/family fun day. Bill is away at the OSF (operational support facility, is what I think that stands for) so the boys and I went alone. But we weren't alone, because we knew plenty of people there. Being part of a relatively small community in these circumstances is good, because no matter what the event, there will be a few families we know.

And we will know even more soon - I was asked to help out with the "ESO Spouses Support Team", so now I'm on the "committee" and am responsible for emailing new people before they arrive and introducing us, and inviting them along to coffee meets and stuff like that. So now I get to be the first person to meet all the new people. I like that.

Anyway, I took a few photos of the boys doing fun stuff today, and they are on their flickr page, and some new videos as well, which can be found at my youtube page.

Bill is due back on Monday evening, but we have plans to meet Jennifer and Vivi tomorrow for ice cream. And we might go out to lunch beforehand. Because otherwise we might slob around the house all day in our jammas.

Oh and in case TT doesn't get around to blogging it himself, he lost another tooth yesterday. I think that is number 5! N also has a loose tooth, his first.

Otherwise, we're all just doing away. School is happier this term, as we have more friends. I seem to be doing stuff every day. Which means that I'm not finding time for Spanish lessons. I've had 30 hours so far, but it's been almost a fortnight since my last lesson, and it's obvious...

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Debi Gliori said...

Sounds like heaven. Slobbing around in pjays. Oh my word. Remind me what that feels like. Back here in the Big Freezy, the work ethic rules supreme. Oh, sighhhh. Anyhoo - in response - yes, it was Castleview primary. What amazing children and what a completely switched-on staff they have. A joy to work with, ecksherly.

Right. Nose to the grist and all that nonsense. Many thanks for your kind comments about my newly decorated blog. If only there were 24 hours in the day, it would be even better.

Take care far-flung sister in knittihood xxxD