Saturday, 27 September 2008

28 Sleeps


either I can't count or we've missed a few... but actually, we've only missed one. I never posted yesterday, but yesterday wouldn't have been 31 sleeps as you might have been expecting, but 29. We've decided that leaving on the Monday just isn't going to work. We have 96 hours to sort out the paperwork for Quirk, and if we end up having to do it ourselves (because we really really can't spend £1,600, we can't afford for 48 of those hours to be wasted on a weekend.

Also, and just as important, we think we'd go nuts siting waiting over that weekend. Or Bill would be here in the house trying to paint or otherwise sort things out, and I'd be trying to entertain the boys, all the while getting more and more wound up by whether I'd accidentally put the passports on a slow boat through the Panama Canal (I assume it will go through the Panama Canal).

So, we're leaving on Saturday 25th, hopefully with Quirk on the same flights as us. 4 weeks from today.


Spinningfishwife said...



Does she get her own seat on the aeroplane for that?

Anonymous said...

i'm expecting her to get one of those beds in first class, and a crate of caviar and some cream. i expect her to travel in great comfort. but probably, she'll get a wooden box and a space in a noisy howling aircraft hold.
not sure she'll ever forgive us. we'll have to let her sleep in our bed for a year or two to make up for it all!