Monday, 29 September 2008

26 Sleeps

oh my god. how did it get to 26? how on earth are we going to manage to do everything?

never mind. best not to think about it, eh?

the rental agent was round today - he took a lot of pictures - he said they are for their/our records as much as anything, and he won't put the ones of the playroom looking like a bomb site on their website.

he agreed that the attic study is NOT a bedroom, not in anyone's imagination!

Quirk is off to the vet for a final set of vaccinations tomorrow. I havne't heard back from the pet export agency, so I'm pretty much resigned to having to do the paperwork. I will fill out the request to DEFRA tomorrow and send it off, then phone the Chilean embassy and bed and plead for them to explain to me in very simple terms what I need to do, because I am confused.
Bill's got someone round looking at the 748 just now, and the 750 is on ebay and selling. We'll have to face up to selling the car soon.

26. oh dear.

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