Saturday, 20 September 2008

not quite 38 sleeps

well, I managed that quite well, didn't I? the second day of my supposed posting every day for 39 days, and what happened?

oh well. it was a busy day yesterday. i walked more than i have walked in ages. i was really rather sore by the end of the day, but i'm sure it will have done wonders for my heart function, and with that test coming up on tuesday it needs all the boost it can get.

i had the final of three removal companies round yesterday - this one does pets as well as belongings, so it would be great if they are chosen. i also remembered that we have 4 bicycles, which i had forgotten to mention previously.

in the afternoon N and I went to the nursery school for the leavers' visit, and also the story sack launch. our author this year was Simon Puttock
who I liked a lot. we like his books too. of this year's story sacks, the ones I like best are the Simon Puttock one and the Eco-schools one. must find the pictures.

then in the evening, I listed all the magazines I haven't yet been able to part with on a sewing list... if I get no bites there, I'll have to try elsewhere. might try the destashing comm on ravelry.

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