Monday, 3 November 2008

Arriving in Santiago, by Thomas

We arrived here on Monday and I've made a lego helicopter which keeps breaking, and which I store my money in. But my mum says I'm not allowed to, but I am.

We went on the Metro on Tuesday. Our local line has BIG wheels. We went to Estacion Central, and we had yummy cinnamon rolls.

Our new school is called Nido de Aguilas which means "Eagle's Nest". We had a test and in the word game if it was to that test, I would be in the 15 year old class!

We want to get a house with a swimming pool and with a big garden to play football in. We looked at some houses, and the best one belongs to somebody from my dad's office.

Good luck back there in Edinburgh, and please comment on the blog about how you are doing!

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