Saturday, 15 November 2008

photo update

I've just put eleventy million photos up on Thomas & Nico's Flickr page

When I have more time I might even label them and set them to the right orientation. But not today, I believe we are going down to the swimming pool this afternoon.

As far as we know, but this being Chile, things may change, we will be getting the keys to our new house on Monday after school.Today we looked at cars. Well, we looked at the Chevy Captiva and the Subaru Tribeca. The Tribeca is, well, how can I put this? Big and showy. And not the sort of Subaru we're used to! The Captiva isn't exactly the most inspiring vehicle ever, but it's smaller, and practical in that it has 7 seats, two of which fold down. But - we're going to look at a Subaru Outback as well. Even though they are totally ubiquitous here, and only have 5 seats. We just like them. We think we're going to test drive the Captiva on Tuesday. It's a diesel. Can't have'em all.
The Subaru dealer (car dealers have pretty good English, or all 4 we spoke to today did, at least!) was telling us about the great ground clearance on the Tribeca. He said it wouldn't ground going into underground car parks.... We live in a country full of dirt roads and mountain tracks. The best example he can give to illustrate the benefits of the high ground clearance is the underground car paks. You have to laugh.

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