Thursday, 27 November 2008

we've been a bit busy...

sorry for the radio silence. we're in the house and happy. we finally got our air shipment on Tuesday - 4 weeks and a day after arriving. the public sector strike had ended on friday, so to get our stuff cleared from customs and delivered by Tuesday is quite a feat. Ivonne at ESO deserves medals.

From what we understand our container arrived in the Port of San Antonio on Monday, right on schedule. and only 4 weeks after us. that's quite incredible.

Once it clears customs, it'll be arriving at our door. but we don't know how long that will take. so we're not expecting it tomorrow. thank goodness, becasue we haven't unpacked the suitcases and air shipment yet!

And given that my brother arrives on Saturday for a couple of days, we'd rather spend time with him than cleaning the kitchen cabinets. which we really need to do before we put stuff in them. really. we do need to. can you see how i'm trying to talk myself into it?

we have a few sticks of furniture - a couple of very comfortable Ikea-esque chairs from Cathy - I can vouch for their comfort levels - I have fallen asleep in one of them - twice. mattresses for the boys and an air mattress fr the growen ups.

the house is really lovely. there are some pictures of it empty up on flickr here.

more pictures of it looking lived in soon, I promise.

Today is American Thanksgving. Nico's grade (all 5 classes) did a play this morning, which Bill & I went to, but we weren't able to go to the party in the classroom afterwards, becasue we had to go and test drive a car. And a a result we have put a deposit down on a Subaru Outback. As soon as we get our bank account, we can go and pick it up.

But - today we had to sign all the papers for the bank account again, becasue something was wrong with one of them. we're not sure which, we just signed everything again. so maybe next week...

the supermarket had a turkey breast joint thing in yesterday, so we got it. so we are having some semblance of a thanksgiving dinner.

Tonight's big adventure other than that, is that Bill is getting the bus home from work. He consulted the Transantiago Website and should hopefully be on his way home now. Because the rest of the family is hungry...

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Margarete said...

Wow, it's so big and empty! I'm sure you and yours will make it lovely and homely (and full!) soon enough. Nice pool, btw. :)

Thanks for the photos!