Thursday, 16 October 2008

10 sleeps

today I had to catch the 4 remaining fish in the tank. that waspretty easy for the two dwarf gouramis and the neon, but the angel fish gaveme a run for my money. kept hiding in the plants, so i'd move the plant, and it would dart off tothe other side of the tank. but eventually I got it. It was strong - I was worried it was going to jump out of the net and had visions of chasing a flapping fish around the room, but luckily I got it into the bag with the others, wrapped it all up in bubble wrap and newspaper, and took them up to school. They've gone to live with Thomas's friend Rebecca.

The school that we will probably be sending the boys to called us today. We have to be there at 09.00 on Wednesday the 29th, to meet the admissions registrar. Then at 10.00 the boys have to sit a test. Eek! They will still be jetlagged, but hopefully it won't be too difficult! It's to see what level they are at and help place them in the right grade.

No removal people today, but I managed to pack up a lot of my stuff, so it still feels as though something was accomplished!

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