Tuesday, 21 October 2008

5 Sleeps

Look who's still here.

Quirk did a runner this morning. We had barricaded the catflap, becasue we couldn't find the locking panel. Sorry, barricades are as nothing to a determined cat. She came home about 4.30 this afternoon, *just* too late to make it to Dunfermline for the day. The cat flap is now locked with the proper panel, taped shut *and* barricaded. Hah!

The boys enjoyed themselves today. The guys packing the house are all very nice, and didn't mind ots of questions. Here they are "watching telly" or so they said. Looks like they were jumping around to me. See, lots of stuff in boxes. Lots and lots. See those CD racks on the wall? The empty opnes? That's where the 4 new DVDs we bought the other day were. Until I forgot to retrieve them this monring. Yes, yes of course you can pack everything in the living room. Aargh.

Here's the boys' room. It will never be this tidy again. Unless they agree to not unpack at the new house. Chances of that?

Look!! YOu can see the surface of my desk! What are the chancs of it ever looking like this again? Less than that of the boys' room staying tidy, I think!

Oh, looks like Bill had to resort to CHOCOLATE while I was out at knitting...

Tonight was my last trip to the Borders Knitting Group. There was cake - a picture when i managed to hook my phone up here, Rachel made me a Chilean flag cake - lots of other cake, bucks fizz, and presents. I will miss that bunch. Lots. I left before I burst into tears... In a good way.

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