Tuesday, 7 October 2008

18 sleeps

well, the flights are booked! (or we've said, "yes, those flights are fine, please book them", that may not be the same thing)

we are leaving Edinburgh at the very civilised hour of 5.30pm on Saturday 25th October, and arrive in Santiago at about 9.30 the next morning.

we've been making plans for our going away party on the 11th.

We had the first people round to look at the house today. They didn't realise it was going to be unfurnished, so I was going round saying "oh well, I suppose we could leave this..." but really, we can't leave much. I think they saw the garden and wanted the house, but they are only here for a year, and really, they shouldn't be buying a stack of furniture, they really shouldn't.

their kids are at our school though...

the removal company want to come and start packing up one day next week. eek.

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