Wednesday, 15 October 2008

11 sleeps

so today, when we asked the removal men if all houses were in a state like ours, or was ours particularly bad, they just laughed.

i still haven't decided how to take that.

TT went to Beavers for the last time. While he was there I went to the library to return all the books I could find. Which is about half the books we have out. I wonder how many will be packed accidentally? Oh well. I guess we can just pay for them.

The house is even more full of boxes now, and even though we took a full carload to the charity shop yesterday, the car is full again. I have *no* idea how that happened.

We've booked ourselves into a holiday flat for our last 4 nights - decided a hotel wouldn't be much fun, just one room between the 4 of us for 4 nights! I have a herceptin treatment next Thursday and that will be nicer in a flat than a hotel as well. It's in Marchmont, so if the weather's good to us, we can spend time in the Meadows and at the playground!

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