Monday, 20 October 2008

6 Sleeps

Once again a few days have gone by. We've been busy though! even Nico has been pitching in:

Here's what the house looks like now:

Today has been spent sorting out the clothes - what is going in suitcases, what's going in the air shipment, and what can go on the boat.

Oh, and a little bit of toy shopping! The boys spent some of the money we got from selling some of their old things. Lego, Transformers, and GoGo's were purchased.

And we took the car to a car wash. We're still no closer to selling it though. We *do* realise it would be easier to sell if it were actually advertised....

And Bill harvested our entire crop of apples:

we're hoping that the trees might be a little more mature when we get back and we might get a few more. Yep, that's from 2 trees. We lost a few to over exuberant children's play, and probably even more to the squirrels, but surely not all that many!

Tomorrow the removal people come back to start the full pack-up, and we take Quirk to kennels in Dunfermline. She won't be arriving in Santiago until Halloween. She'll probably be angry enough by then to behave like a witch's cat!

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