Friday, 17 October 2008

9 sleeps

is it really only 9 sleeps now?

today we said goodbye to Preston Street School and also to Cameron House Nursery School.

We then spent the afternoon with other friends, many of whom we've known since before Thomas was born - the parents all met at ante-natal class.

Tonight I'm going to meet Bill at the pub, becasue it was his last day at work.

Does that mean that the *really* hard work starts tomorrow? The last of the big cupboards is still to be sorted. Wish us luck!

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Soleien said...

Wow, already into your last week!
Loads of luck to all of you! from Erik, Ingrid, Tine and Åge

PS: if you have received a mystery invitation to read a blog from Soleien, then that is from me. Erik and Ingrid have made their own blog, and we wish to keep it open only to invited readers. If you haven't got the invitation, please give me a hint, and I will try again.