Monday, 27 October 2008

We're here!

here we are, safe and almost sound. the trip was OK, but i wouldn't want to do it very often.

more details soon, but the battery is running out and we're using the only adaptor to power the wireless router, so it's laptop or internet at the moment...


MaiOui said...

Just testing this blogger so won't type much ... glad all arrived safely. Good luck with tests to boys. Mary xxx

MaiOui said...

Hurrah, seems to be working! x

Debi Gliori said...


Just when I was wondering if I could make it back to Borders and swap some life-affirming banter and laughter with you, you've gone. That'll learn me to carpe all those diems, eh? What an incredible journey, and what an adventure you're all going to have. Salutations, much luck and keep posting - I can't wait to see what the country looks like, since it will probably be the closest I get to it in this lifetime.

And I envy you the Santiagan ( ?) sunshine - while you were moving continents, I was on the boat to Shetland. In a force 11? Urrrrgh. I think you got the better deal in the life-choices department.

Take care :)